Brief History

Last update: 1 September 2014

Based on more than 20 years of collaboration between Zimbabwean universities, Cirad and CNRS in Zimbabwe, the RP-PCP is the result of a long term partnership in agricultural and ecological research for development and conservation.

The Research Platform “Production and Conservation in Partnership” (RP-PCP) was established in 2007, formally associating the University of Zimbabwe and the National University of Science and Technology with two French research organisations, Cirad and CNRS, supported by the French Embassy in Harare.

 In 2010, after a first phase of 3 years, a positive external evaluation suggested a renewal of the agreement between the four organisations. This second phase was signed at the end of 2010 and started a new 4-years phase.

Beginning of 2012, the staff involved in the activities of the RP-PCP represented an international multidisciplinary group of more than 50 senior researchers, academics and post-graduate students from a wide range of disciplines, including Social Sciences, Agronomy, Ecology, Geography and Veterinary Sciences.

The RP-PCP has been recognised as one of its 22 “Research Platforms in Partnership” by Cirad.

Last update: 1 September 2014

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