Policy Briefs "Perspective" from Cirad

Cirad regularly publishes policy briefs discussing relevant thematics of agricultural research. This series is called: "Perspective"


Perspective is a series of policy briefs launched by CIRAD to fuel debate, change ideas and support decisions. 

Each issue of Perspective uses research work to illustrate an idea or an innovative policy concerning a sustainable development issue of strategic importance for developing countries: food security, land ownership, climate change, energy security, forest management, standards, research organization, etc. 

This material is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike - 4.0 International - This licence gives you permission to share and adapt this material for non-commercial purposes providing you cite the material and that any new materials are distributed under the same conditions.

There are mo than 40 issues that can be downloaded here: Download issues

Here is a few that could be of interest to RP-PCP members:

- Perspective 44 (Nov 2017): Envisioning the future of territories to tackle demographic and employment challenges in sub-Saharan Africa

- Perspective 43 (Jul 2017): The resilience of social and ecological systems: taking account of uncertainty for development

- Perspective 41 (Jun 2017): Animal and human health: tackling uncertainty through participatory modelling and simulation

- Perspective 35 (Nov 2015): Identifying certain animal diseases as “neglected

- Perspective 33 (Aug 2015): Participatory development of collective rules for natural resource and land management

From: Cécile Fovet

Published: 25/05/2018

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