Interaction and shared disease burden of buffalo and cattle populations - BUCATIN

Last update: 13 March 2013

Monitoring the interaction and shared disease burden of buffalo and cattle populations in the Great Limpopo TFCA.

Dates: 2010-2013

The GLTFCA Transboundary Buffalo/cattle mobility and disease transmission project was initiated mid-2010, as a pilot survey to assess the feasibility of monitoring buffalo movements in the “Crooks’ corner” area, contacts with cattle herds in Sengwe corridor and evaluate the potential transboundary spread of diseases.

Following the success of this first phase, its second phase was initiated in June 2011 with the objective to expand the number of buffalo and cattle collars deployed as well as the sampling size.Field activities were carried out in the three countries of the GLTFCA (Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe) in July 2011.

Ten Satellite GPS collars on buffalo were removed, 20 new collars were deployed, 67 buffalos were sampled in the 3 countries, 5 GPS collars were removed from cattle and 9 new collars were deployed. Longitudinal disease survey on cattle (FMD, theileriosis, ticks, brucellosis, rift-valley fever and bovine tuberculosis) has been implemented.

We hope that this project will improve the understanding of wildlife/livestock interactions in TFCAs, their drivers and the consequences for wildlife conservation and livestock production at the periphery of protected areas. Outputs of this project will inform stakeholders to improve management in these complex socio-ecological systems.

Last update: 13 March 2013

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